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Formaldehyde Dreams


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Beautiful Landscape


Many moons ago I scribbled my way to an O Level in Art. In the intervening forty-odd years my visual creations have been almost exclusively photographic, but since hanging up my Nikons I decided to pick up a pen again and draw. The images in the following gallery are a few of my pieces, which can be purchased as either prints or originals. I also accept commissions- I love natural forms such as rock and wood


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2017 saw a 43 year-old dream realised with the acceptance of my novel Murmuration for publication by Legend Press. I handwrote my first novel at 14, thought about becoming a biologist then went to be a washer-up in Paris instead. I wrote a novel. Then I wrote another. And another. The complimentary rejection letters came flooding in. I decided to pursue a career in which I was actually paid a salary, gained a distinction on the NCTJ Photo-Journalism course in Sheffield and became a newspaper photographer.

I was based in Blackpool for 25 years, a surreal place that with its equally peculiar inhabitants inspired Murmuration, for which I will be forever grateful. Since then I have moved back to my native Yorkshire, where during lockdown I wrote what I think might be my masterpiece- Formaldehyde Dreams. Unland, second after Murmuration in a planned trilogy set in a seaside resort of past, present and future, is almost finished and hopefully will be published soon.

The important stuff -married with one daughter, lover of Prog Rock, real ale, gigs, Australian Shiraz, motorsport, playing my guitars (badly), floral shirts and my MX5.

In The Press

In the Press

"I have fallen in love with this book and its hypnotizing stories...I just didn't want it to end and already know that I will come back to it time and time again. It is absolute perfection!"  Sue Hampson Books from Dusk Till Dawn

"Murmuration is a magically-woven tale of human connectivity, frailty, and the hold the past can have over the present. My promise of 'just one more page' was constantly broken."   Laura Parish Novel Kicks

"Murmuration is a deeply compelling insight into the human condition. A stark and honest debut."  Mari Ellis Dunning

"Drawing us into the magic and squalor of a seaside town, Murmuration by Robert Lock is that rare thing, a novel strung from several stories, each of which contributes to the greater whole. . . . Lock has conjured up a fascinating jigsaw puzzle of a debut, full of the shifting sands, scents and sounds of the British seaside, and of human spirit." --SkyLightRain


For any media inquiries, please contact Lucy Chamberlain at Legend Press

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